All IT standards in one profile

IT Compliance

Good news, we have added a new profile to Ruler! In the new IT Compliance profile, you’ll find all IT standards and guidelines from both European and national regulators in one overview. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of all the requirements in the field of IT Compliance. You can add the IT Compliance profile as a paid add-on to your current profile.

What standards does the IT Compliance profile contain?


The IT Compliance profile consists of requirements from the following guidelines and standards:

Always up to date

Keep up with changes

The Ruler editors will keep the IT Compliance profile up to date. Changes in laws and regulations will arrive in your Inbox, just like with the current Ruler profiles. Upcoming changes are clearly displayed in the Radar, so you know exactly what your organization needs to comply with in the future.

Connecting different frameworks

Meeting all relevant requirements

The IT Compliance profile provides insight into the requirements that must be met, regardless of what type of license your organization has. For each topic you can see to what extent you meet the legal requirements for your organization, and whether you automatically also meet requirements from other frameworks.

Based on your risk analysis you can then add control measures, start workflows and set up and monitor a planning with points of action.

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