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Complying with laws and regulations

Ruler helps you keep track of the laws and regulations you have to comply with as an organization. The software makes it easy to control your compliance. Ruler shows you what you need to comply with, provides insight into the risks if you don’t meet the set standards and monitors all actions and measures in a transparent audit trail.

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In addition to financial laws and regulations, Ruler can also help you keep track of the other legislation and regulations your organisation has to comply with. You can use the following optional modules for this:

  • fiscal;
  • HR (social security, labour & participation and pension);
  • legal doctrines;
  • legal procedures;
  • reporting;
  • housing market.

Are you missing certain laws and regulations that are important to your organization? Upon request, we can add additional laws and profiles to the existing offering. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities.


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The legal framework provides an overview of all the laws and regulations that are relevant to your organization.

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Ruler makes it easy to keep up with changes in laws and regulations. The developments that are potentially relevant to your organization arrive in your inbox.


In Ruler, you easily manage the entire compliance cycle. From identifying potential risks to taking control measures.


The planning module helps you keep track of planned and executed activities, and set up a monitoring agenda.


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