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The Ruler editorial team consists of consultants from Projective Group: experienced lawyers with extensive experience in the field of compliance, risk management and financial and privacy law. They are responsible for Ruler’s content and make sure it’s perfectly in line with your daily practice.

But they are also happy to support you in using Ruler. This support can range from extra Ruler training to performing a gap analysis or establishing a policy house and associated control measures. Even the complete outsourcing of the compliance function is possible.

We are happy to help

Our consultants can help you with:

Getting started with Ruler

This includes determining the layout and structure of Ruler, as well as training users and providing demonstrations.

Performing gap analyses

Assessing whether your organization is compliant with laws and regulations and determining what steps you still need to take to be fully compliant.

More about gap analyses
Providing regulatory updates

Customized regulatory updates in which we inform you of the recent developments relevant to your organization.

More about regulatory updates
Performing risk assessments

Understanding the risks you face in the event of non-compliance and assessing the control measures in place.

More about risk assessments
Drafting policies and procedures

Establishing and recording a policy house containing all policies, procedures and related management measures.

More about policies and procedures
Compliance monitoring

Continuously assessing whether the business activities meet the set standards, and whether the compliance policies are having the desired effect.

More about compliance monitoring

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