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About Ruler

Keeping up with constantly changing laws and regulations is not always easy. But compliance does not have to be complex. That is why we developed compliance software Ruler.

Ruler shows to what extent you comply with the laws and regulations relevant to your organization. You can easily manage the entire compliance cycle in Ruler. In the workflow you will find a complete audit trail that shows the compliance cycle from legal framework to policy.

What sources does Ruler scrape?


In Ruler’s legal framework, you will find an overview of standards that your organization needs to meet. Ruler is primarily focused on international and national financial laws and regulations. In addition to following the formal sources of law (such as EU regulations, directives, laws, decisions, rules and guidance documents), we also follow the news from, among others:

  • (inter)national regulators (such as DNB, AFM, ESMA, EIOPA, etc.);
  • judgments (Supreme Court, courts, Kifid, etc.);
  • trade organisations (NVB, Association of Insurers, etc.); and
  • internet consultations.

Should a new source arise, we will add it to Ruler immediately.

More about Legal framework
Who is behind Ruler?

Ruler editorial team

To keep the legal framework up-to-date, Ruler uses smart data analytics to monitor all relevant sources 24/7. In addition to digital solutions, the Ruler editors ensure that the software has the right information. The Ruler editors are employees of Projective Group: experienced lawyers with extensive experience in compliance, risk management and financial and privacy law. They are responsible for Ruler’s content and make sure it’s perfectly in line with your daily practice.

Only relevant information


The legal framework in Ruler is defined by ‘profile’ (for example: bank, investment institution, pension provider, etc.). You choose the profile that suits your organization. This way you only get to see the information that is relevant to you.

In the profile, Ruler shows the details of the legal framework, clearly grouped according to themes and topics.

In control with Ruler

Ruler helps you:

Gain insight into the laws and regulations you have to comply with

Keep up with relevant changes in laws and regulations

Easily determine whether you comply with the set standards

Make visible how you comply with these standards

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