This is Ruler

Ruler is the starting point for financial professionals. Independent and objective, and keeping you informed about challenges in the field of financial supervisory legislation.

Ruler has been renewed!

We believe in a digital world, in which systems help you to be compliant and to show that you are compliant. Ruler helps you by digitalizing information and using mature techniques that support you as a professional (risk manager, compliance officer or legal counsel) in your day-to-day activities. Ruler creates overview and confidence, so that you as a user can focus on your business.

Fewer human acts

The new Ruler tool is a completely new product, with a new design and a new technology. Ruler is faster and is continuously developed further. Ruler is getting smarter and smarter, so that the need for human interventions decreases. Moreover, we are working on making Ruler available for internationally operating firms, that have to deal with legislation from various countries. For this, we will make use of international, multi-language teams.

Compliance platform

Ruler is becoming a platform that includes the entire compliance cycle. Ruler can be integrated with other systems, so that a lot of qualitative content becomes exchangeable. With Ruler, you are in control.

For financial professionals, by financial professionals.

The content of Ruler is developed by the legal, compliance and risk management professionals of Charco & Dique. They will ensure that the content of Ruler meets the needs of your activities. We are glad to take any comments or suggestions from your side into account, so that we can work together on continuously improving Ruler.

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Ruler is ready for you!

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