Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about Ruler?

Who is Ruler for?

Ruler is for financial enterprises that are required to have a license and fall under the supervision of DNB and AFM, but also for organizations within other sectors that want to keep track of the laws and regulations that are relevant to them.

What does Ruler do?

Ruler helps you identify the laws and regulations that are relevant to you in a structured and clear way. The laws and regulations are divided into themes and topics, and included in standardized profiles or a profile tailored to your needs. Ruler sends you an alert when laws and regulations within your profile change, so that you are always aware of the standards that apply to your organization.

Ruler also shows to what extent you comply with the laws and regulations that are relevant for your organization. You can manage the entire compliance cycle in Ruler. The workflow contains a complete audit trail that shows the compliance cycle from legal framework to policy.

How up to date is Ruler?

Ruler informs you about developments in the world of financial supervision on a daily basis. We keep track of sources such as Dutch and European supervisors, branch organizations and court rulings. 

How accessible is Ruler?

Ruler is an online application that you can access anywhere, anytime. On your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What legislation is included in Ruler?
  • EU Regulations and guidelines (CRD IV, MiFIR, UCITS, AIFMD, MiFID II, EMIR, PSD2, Solvency II, etc.);
  • Acts and decrees (Wft, Wwft, Sanctions act, Pensions act, BW, Wbp, Bpr, Bgfo, etc.);
  • Ministerial regulations and supervisory guidelines (RBB, Rib/wtt, guidelines AFM, guidelines European supervisors, Regulatory/Implementing technical standards, DNB policy rules, Nrgfo, Ur Wwft, etc.);
  • And much more (news letters, press releases, KiFID rulings, etc.)
Can I try Ruler out before purchasing?

Before you decide to purchase Ruler, you can try Ruler out for 14 days with a demo-account. You can request a demo on the Demo-page.

How does Ruler ensure that my data is secure?

Securing your data is our priority. Ruler therefore makes maximum use of the security measures offered by Microsoft within the Azure Cloud platform. In addition, we work with security party RadicallyOpenSecurity, who perform pen tests on the systems. Read more about data security in Ruler.

Who is behind Ruler?

Ruler makes use of the knowledge of Projective Group, specialists in the field of financial laws and regulations and their application in organizations. For the IT-infrastructure, Ruler cooperates with Hyfen. 

Is it possible to purchase multiple profiles?

Yes, you can choose one or more profiles relevant to your organization. In this case, you pay for each profile separately. You can read more about our rates here.

Is it also possible to subscribe on a monthly basis?

We charge an annual subscription fee, the prices of which can be found on our pricing page.

Is it also possible to subscribe for one user?

When you purchase a Ruler profile, you always get two free users. E.g. if you purchase two profiles, you get four free users. Of course, it is up to you whether you use all of these user profiles or not.

Is it possible to change the number of users?

When you purchase a Ruler profile, you get two free users. E.g. if you buy two profiles, you get four free users. You can add extra users as needed. The costs for this depend on the number and type of users. Our consultants are happy to help you determine the optimal number of users for your organization. Please contact us for more information.

Do you automatically renew subscriptions?

A Ruler subscription is automatically renewed for one year after the end of the current contract period, unless it is cancelled in time (at least two months before the ending of the contract).