Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about Ruler?

For who is Ruler?

Ruler is for financial undertakings that have a license or registration obligation and are supervised by DNB or the AFM.

What does Ruler do?

Ruler enables you to map all legislation that is relevant for you in a structured and clear manner. Information is presented in Themes, and these Themes are subdivided into Topics. To make sure that you only see information that is applicable to your organization, we use Profiles. Moreover, Ruler will immediately send you an alert when there is a change in the rules that apply to you.

How up to date is Ruler?

Ruler informs you about what is happening in the world of financial supervision on a daily basis. We keep track of sources such as Dutch and European supervisors, branch organizations and court rulings. 

How accessible is Ruler?

Ruler is an online application that you can access everywhere. On your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

What legislation is included in Ruler?
  • EU Regulations and guidelines (CRD IV, MiFIR, UCITS, AIFMD, MiFID II, EMIR, PSD2, Solvency II, etc.);
  • Acts and decrees (Wft, Wwft, Sanctions act, Pensions act, BW, Wbp, Bpr, Bgfo, etc.);
  • Ministerial regulations and supervisory guidelines (RBB, Rib/wtt, guidelines AFM, guidelines European supervisors, Regulatory/Implementing technical standards, DNB policy rules, Nrgfo, Ur Wwft, etc.);
  • And much more (news letters, press releases, KiFID rulings, etc.)
Kan ik Ruler proberen voordat ik het aanschaf?

Of course! Before you decide to purchase Ruler, you can temporarily access Ruler with a demo-account. Request a demo on the Demo-page.

How safe is Ruler?

Ruler works with a login that is based on a user name and a password. The online environment of Ruler has a security certificate (Thawte), and you are working via the https-site of Ruler. If you want, you can implement additional security measures for your login, such as a TIN-code or a token. Additional information on security and privacy can be found in our privacy statement. We are happy to inform you about the opportunities.

Who is behind Ruler?

Ruler makes use of the knowledge of Charco & Dique, specialists in the field of financial supervision legislation and the application thereof in organizations. For the IT-infrastructure, Ruler cooperates with Lifely.