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Compliance does not have to be complex. With Ruler, you can easily demonstrate the extent to which your organization complies with the rapidly changing laws and regulations.

Legal Framework
Legal framework

Insight into laws and regulations

The legal framework provides an overview of all laws and regulations relevant to your organization. This way, you can immediately see which standards you need to comply with.

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Controlling risks

Assess the risks your organization faces, establish policies, and monitor the impact.

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Divide tasks

Create tasks, compose a monitoring agenda and handle legislative changes in a visible and structured manner.

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Ruler workflow

Compliance cycle

The workflow in Ruler is structured according to the steps of the compliance cycle.

compliance cycle

Every compliance officer's toolbox

“Ruler is clear and easy to use. An indispensable tool for every compliance officer.”

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In control with Ruler

Ruler helps you:

Gain insight into the laws and regulations you have to comply with

Keep up with relevant changes in laws and regulations

Easily determine whether you comply with the set standards

Make visible how you comply with these standards

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