Demonstrably compliant

Complying with financial laws and regulations

Ruler is here for licensed financial organizations that are supervised by the AFM and/or DNB. The software offers a solution for the modern finance professional, responsible for complying with the constantly changing and increasingly complex financial laws and regulations.

Ruler provides insight into the framework of standards that your organization has to meet. In the workflow you will find a complete audit trail, which makes the entire compliance cycle visible, from legal framework to policy. Whether you work as a compliance officer, risk manager, lawyer or director, with Ruler you have everything under control.

Only relevant laws and regulations


The legal framework in Ruler is defined by ‘profile’ (for example: bank, investment institution, insurer, asset manager, pension administrator, etc.). You choose the profile that suits your organization and type of license, so that you only get to see the information that is relevant to you.

In the profile, Ruler shows the details of the legal framework, clearly grouped according to themes and topics.

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Insight into laws and regulations
Ruler provides insight into the rapidly changing financial laws and regulations. The legal framework provides a clear overview of all the standards your organization must meet.
Keep up with changes
Ruler provides you with timely updates on changes in laws and regulations. You can easily create tasks and deal with alerts in a visible and structured way.
Control the compliance cycle
With Ruler, you easily manage the entire compliance cycle. Assess the risks you face if you don't meet set standards, set policies and monitor the effect.

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