Up to date with laws and regulations

Ruler helps you keep up with the legislation and regulations that are relevant to your organization. The legal framework provides an overview of all the standards you have to comply with, clearly presented and always up to date.

Ruler also keeps you informed of changes in laws and regulations. From the moment a change in national or international legislation is announced, Ruler keeps a close eye on developments. That way, you are prepared for changes in good time.

Keep an overview

Ruler creates overview and confidence, so that you as a lawyer or legal counsel can focus entirely on your day-to-day business. Based on incoming alerts of (changes in) laws and regulations, you can easily create and monitor tasks and control measures.

In control with Ruler

Ruler helps you:

Gain insight into the laws and regulations you have to comply with

Keep up with relevant changes in laws and regulations

Easily determine whether you comply with the set standards

Make visible how you comply with these standards

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