Ruler helps you keep up with changes in laws and regulations. The developments that are potentially relevant to your organization arrive in your inbox.

Keep up with developments


Every day, you receive e-mail alerts from Ruler about developments that may be relevant to your organization. These could be upcoming changes in legislation, but also information that affects the standards you already need to meet. This way, you can view all developments at one central place and no longer have to keep track of changing laws and regulations yourself.

Based on your inbox items, you can create tasks, perform risk analyses and draw up an action plan. Ruler makes it easy to see how you are complying with the standards set for your organization.

Ready for action

Creating tasks

In your inbox you will find the incoming alerts. Based on the inbox items you can create tasks. You can give these tasks a deadline, link them to a specific user or tag, and include them in the monitoring agenda. This way you can easily map out which actions need to be performed to comply with (changes in) laws and regulations.

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