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    Control measures

    Control measures are the measures you take to manage risks. If you select ‘Control measures’, the measures you created will appear.

    Creating control measures

    At the top right you will find the button ‘+ New control measures’. If you select this, a pop-up window will appear in which you can create a new control measure. You can add the title, description and the type of control measure (drop down menu). You can also add an effective date, a revision date and one or more managers to the measure. As administrator you can also determine to which departments this control measure is visible.

    When you are finished you can either cancel or save the control.

    After you have saved the control, it will appear on your screen. Then you can use ‘document upload’ to add a document to the control. On the right side you can see to which risk analyses the control is linked.

    From the overview of control measures you can see the name of all created control measures and to which control measures and subjects they are linked. In addition, a control measure can be added from this overview on the right and a task can be created that is linked to the relevant control measure (policy, procedure and controls). It is also possible to edit or delete a control measure from here.

    Revision date expired

    If the revision date has expired, this is indicated by a red exclamation point ‘!’ next to the control measure’s name.


    At the top, you can filter the control measures by:

    • Subject;
    • Risk analysis;
    • Type of control measure.

    Search function

    The search function allows you to search within the control measures.