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    Search function

    Looking for something specific in Ruler, but have no idea where to find it? Thanks to the search function, you’ll find it within seconds. The different search options of the search function are explained below.

    Specific or broad search

    Imagine: you are looking for the “Wwft guideline”. If you click on the magnifying glass in the top right of your screen, you can type in ‘Wwft guideline’. You will then get an overview of all content in which this term is used.

    Below the search bar there are buttons, with ‘show all’ automatically turned on. If you want to search more specifically you can do this within:

    • Legal Framework;
    • News & jurisprudence;
    • Consulation;
    • Alert;
    • Radar;
    • Law & Regulations.

    You can also then apply a filter to the search results, filtering them on:

    • Group;
    • Source;
    • Start Date;

    Still haven’t found what you were looking for? You can also put the word in the search bar between “quotation marks”. Only results containing that exact keyword will be shown.

    Are you looking for a certain part of a word? Then yo use (*) before the word. For example: if you type *finance, items about e.g. microfinance will appear.