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    Risk assessments

    If you select ‘Risk assessment’, an overview of the risk assessment you have created will appear. At the top right you can select the button ‘+ New risk analysis’. If you click on it, a pop-up window will appear in which you can start a new risk assessment. You can add a title and a description. You can then save or cancel the risk analysis. If you click on save, you will be redirected to the relevant risk analysis.

    The overview shows per risk analysis how many norms, risks and control measures are linked to it.

    Search function

    The search function allows you to search within the risk assessments.

    Risk assessment

    Once you have selected a risk assessment, it will appear on the screen. Here you can then perform the analysis (see below). At the top of the screen you will also find the following options:

    • Risk Assessment;
    • Properties;
    • Log.

    Risk assessment

    This is the default screen. Here you can add the Norms, Risks and Control Measures to perform the risk analysis.


    Here you can find information about the risk analysis, including the title and description. At the bottom right there is an ‘Edit’ button. If you select it you have the possibility to change the title and description.


    Here you can find information about all changes that have taken place in the risk assessment. You can also see which user made the changes.