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    Legal Framework

    The legal framework provides an overview of all the laws and regulations with which your organization must comply. When you select the legal framework, the following options appear on the left:

    • Themes and topics (including assessment of degree of control)
    • Radar
    • Consultations

    Themes and topics (including assessment of degree of control)

    The Legal Framework is structured into themes, which in turn consist of topics. If you click on ‘Themes and topics’, you get an overview of all relevant themes for your organization. You can also see here (provided that you have entered the degree of control per topic), how your organization complies with the design and effectiveness.

    Within each theme you will find all the subjects that belong to it. For example, in the theme ‘Customer Due Diligence’ you will find all topics related to this theme. You can click on the topics to get more information. Each topic contains a summary of the applicable regulation related to that topic and a list of relevant articles and documents (these articles and documents contain hyperlinks to the official online document). In addition, in the upper right-hand corner of each topic you will see the terms “design” and “effectiveness”. If you click on them, you can add a control measure or note to the subject and indicate how your organization complies with the design and effectiveness of the control measure.

    Please note: you will only see the Themes and topics that are relevant for the department you are logged into (see top right of the screen), and to the profile or profiles you have selected. If you have been granted access to multiple departments or if your company has access to multiple profiles, you can use the drop-down menu to switch between departments/profiles.


    The Radar provides insight into upcoming legislative and regulatory changes. The Radar continuously keeps track of every item that could have an impact on your regulatory environment. It informs you about the content of the new (or amended) legislation, but also about the (expected) date of entry into force and the developments that are taking place (or have taken place) in the legislative process. This allows you to see exactly what your organization will have to comply with in the future, so that you can take action in good time. The radar items are displayed in chronological order.

    Unfollowing a radar topic

    As a user or department, you can choose to unfollow a radar topic. You will then no longer be informed about changes in the radar topic. You will also stop receiving alerts about this radar topic in your inbox.

    You can unfollow a radar topic by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon. Radar topics that are not followed can be recognized by their gray color.


    Under ‘Consultations’ you can find information about laws and regulations that are being prepared and consulted on. Here you will find all consultations on draft regulations to which you can now respond. You can also use the search function to find and view completed consultations.