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    Responsible person(s)

    It is possible to designate a specific responsible person for a management measure or task. When you assign a responsible person, the task then appears in his or her task list.

    If you want to assign one or more responsible persons, you can choose from the users that have been added to your account. You can also add a shadow user to the list of responsible persons, by typing and adding the corresponding name. Note: the responsible person must always be a real user.

    Assigning tasks to users in another department

    It is also possible for the administrator to assign tasks to users linked to other departments. To do this, the administrator must add the user in question as a passive user to departments to which the user is not yet linked as an active user. This is a one-time action that can be performed via ‘Administration > department’.


    Select the department in which a user may have a passive role. Then click on the pencil. Now you can indicate per user whether he or she may fulfill an active role (user sees everything in the relevant department and can make changes everywhere) or a passive role (user sees everything, but can only handle tasks).

    Users who are ‘active’ or ‘passive’ can now receive tasks from the departments they have been added to. Underlying information (such as a news alert) associated with the task is also visible to the user.

    Tasks are always visible in the task list of the department from which the task is sent and in the task list of the (active or passive) user.