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    The Ruler dashboard provides a summary of the information that is important to you as an individual user. You can design the dashboard yourself based on customizable widgets. The widgets provide information about the various components that offer insight into the degree of mastery.

    Adding widgets to your dashboard

    Ruler features a default set of widgets. The following widgets can be added: Inbox, Tasks, Risks, Topics, Controls, Radar, Consultation, Monitoring Reports, Task Control (Admin only) and Export (Admin only).

    Widgets can be added or edited by using the blue button (pencil), found in the upper right corner of the dashboard. This button can also be used to reposition an existing widget on the dashboard. As a user, you can decide whether information from one or more departments should be shown in a widget.

    Most widgets are clickable: clicking on them will take you to the relevant section of Ruler.

    Export function

    With the ‘Export’ widget you can create an export of the different items in Ruler (e.g. Tasks, Radar). This can be useful if you want to share (items from) the Radar with people who do not have access to Ruler themselves, or if you want to use the export for reporting purposes. You can create an Excel export of all departments, but also of the department you are currently active in.

    What you should know about the dashboard

    • You can determine the position of the widget on the dashboard by dragging it to the desired location (first set the dashboard to edit mode with the pencil).
    • When multiple departments are linked to a widget, the details for each department can be viewed in a detail screen. This detail screen becomes visible when the widget is clicked.
    • If information needs attention (deadline passed, high priority, etc) this is indicated by means of a red color.