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    In the ‘Compliance’ module, you can start a risk analysis. You can choose between a quick assessment or a comprehensive risk analysis.

    If you select ‘Compliance’, the following options appear in the interface on the left:

    • Risks;
    • Control measures;
    • Risk assessments;
    • Monitoring reports.

    Starting a review

    If you select ‘Start review’, a pop-up screen will appear containing the standards framework. Here you can select the provisions you want to include in your assessment. You can then add a title and explanation to the assessment. It is also possible to give a score to this assessment and to link one or more control measures to the assessment.

    If you want to finalize the assessment you can choose to ‘cancel’ or ‘save’. After you have saved the assessment you will see on the right side how many articles of the topic you have assessed.

    Starting a risk assessment

    If you select ‘Start risk assessment’, a pop-up window will appear in which you can start a new risk assessment. Here you can select the provisions you want to include in your assessment. You can also give the risk assessment a title and description. When you are finished you can either save or cancel the risk assessment. If you click save, you will leave the ‘Norms’ page and be redirected to the relevant risk analysis (see risk analysis).


    If you select ‘Risks’, all created and assessed risks resulting from the risk assessments (see risk assessment) will appear. The risks are plotted on a graph based on the net risk. The x-axis of the graph is the probability of the risk occurring. The y-axis of the graph is the impact of the risks. The risks are plotted as triangles on the graph. If you move the mouse cursor over a triangle, the name of the risk and its associated assessment will appear.

    Below the graph you will find the list of risks, in order from high to low risk.


    Above the graph are the following filter criteria:

    • Subject (arising from the ‘Standards’);
    • Net/Gross/Accepted Risk;
    • Risk Category;
    • All Risk Assessments.

    Search function

    The search function allows you to search within the risks.