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    In your inbox you will find the incoming alerts. You will receive all alerts that are linked to Ruler items that are visible to your department. This means that you may not receive the same (relevant) news/alerts as colleagues from other departments. For each alert, it is visible whether it has been sent to other departments and if so, which departments these are.

    You can choose to view an item immediately or archive it, so that you can view it later. In addition, at the top you can search your inbox, select on publishing institution (supervisors) and make a selection from the following options: ‘New items’, ‘Archived’ and ‘Items with tasks’.

    Viewing and creating tasks

    If an alert is relevant to your organization, a task should be created to follow up on the alert. Such follow-up tasks might include, for example, performing an impact analysis or gap analysis, or reviewing a policy or procedure.

    Selecting ‘view’ allows you to create a task to handle the item. You will also find the option to create a task at the bottom of your screen. If you still want to archive the item, you can do so by clicking on ‘archive’ on the right side of your screen.

    If you have chosen to create a task, a pop-up window will appear. Here you can describe the task, select a deadline, add extra notes, prioritize and select responsible person(s). Next you can save or cancel the task. Read more about creating tasks and assigning tasks to other users.

    Archiving items

    If you decide to archive an item, it will be removed from your inbox. If an item is archived by mistake, it can easily be restored. To do this, select ‘archived’ at the top right of the selection criteria. The inbox will then display all archived items. When you select the items, you can then click ‘return to inbox’. After this the selected item can be found in your inbox again.