Legal framework

Ruler provides insight into relevant laws and regulations. The legal framework provides an overview of standards applicable to your organization, clearly divided into themes and topics. This way you have all information in one place, always up to date.


Changes in the legal framework

Ruler keeps you informed about changes in the legal framework. You receive daily e-mail alerts about developments that may be relevant to you. These could be upcoming changes in legislation, but also information that affects the standards you already have to comply with.

Clear overview

Themes and topics

Ruler contains themes which in turn consist of topics. Topics can be general in nature or specific to a type of financial institution (such as pension funds, investment firms or payment institutions). This classification makes the legal framework for your organization clear and understandable.

Here, you can also record how your organization complies in design & operation.

Insight into developments


The Radar provides an overview of all future laws and regulations. You can see all upcoming changes at a glance. That way you know exactly what your organization will have to comply with in the future and you can take action right on time.

For each new law, Ruler provides insight into all relevant publications and developments. We also describe what the new law entails, so that you can already determine what impact it will have on your organization.

Legislation in preparation


Under Consultations you can find information about legislation in the pipeline. Here you will find all consultations on draft regulations to which you can now respond.

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