It is important to continuously assess whether your business activities (still) meet the set standards and whether your control measures and compliance policies have the desired effect. In Ruler, you can easily record these monitoring activities in a monitoring agenda.

Monitoring your compliance

Setting up a monitoring agenda

In Ruler, you can easily schedule compliance and monitoring tasks and record follow-up and outcomes. The monitoring agenda provides an overview of all created tasks, both yours and those of the rest of the team. You can see at a glance what priority the task has, who is responsible for the action and when the deadline is.

Tracking policy effectiveness

Monitoring reports

Monitoring reports allow you to assess and track the effectiveness of your control measures. In Ruler, you can:

  • record the results of monitoring activities;
  • determine follow-up actions and record their progress;
  • link the results of monitoring activities to the control measure and a topic in the legal framework.

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