Control measures

In Ruler, you easily manage the entire compliance cycle. From identifying potential risks to taking control measures and drawing up monitoring reports. With Ruler, you are always in control.

Demonstrably comply with laws and regulations

In Ruler’s compliance module, you can easily demonstrate whether and how you comply with the legislation applicable to your organization. Ruler helps you draw up a policy document containing all the policies, procedures and associated control measures. Also, the software helps you keep the policy house up to date. By linking parts of the policy to the topics in the legal framework, you can demonstrate how you comply with the legislation and regulations that apply to your organization.


The risk overview provides a clear view of all created and assessed risks resulting from the risk analyses. The risks are plotted on a graph based on the net risk. This gives you at-a-glance insight into the risks you are running and the chance and impact of this on the organization. This makes prioritizing tasks a lot easier.

Control measures

The overview of control measures clearly shows which measures have been taken to reduce the risks. You can immediately see to which standards the measures are linked.

Monitoring reports

Monitoring reports allow you to assess and track the effectiveness of your control measures. In Ruler, you can:

  • record the results of monitoring activities;
  • determine follow-up actions and monitor their progress;
  • link the results of the monitoring activities to the control measure and a topic from the legal framework.

We are happy to help

Our consultants are happy to help you use Ruler. They can provide support with, among other things:

Getting started

Support with the setup and structure of Ruler, training users, etc.

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Gap analyses

Identify the extent to which your organization complies with certain laws and regulations.

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Risk assessments

Provide insight into the risks you face in the event of non-compliance.

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Policies and procedures

Establish a policy house containing all policies and procedures.

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