You can only use the signaling function if you purchase a profile with ‘other laws and regulations’. With the signaling function, incoming news items can easily be assessed and forwarded to the subjects and departments for which they are relevant.

Signaling function

Within financial laws and regulations, the Ruler editorial team determines whether incoming news items are relevant to your organization. This is different for non-financial laws and regulations. Ruler follows the sources that are potentially relevant for your organization. The editing is in your hands.

You decide whether the news items that arrive in your alert inbox are relevant to your organization or not. For example, if you receive a news item about remuneration policy, you can immediately forward it to the HR department of your organization.

To help you with this, the Ruler algorithm already gives a suggestion of the topic to which a certain item can be linked. The algorithm is continuously learning and developing, allowing you to perform fewer and fewer actions yourself.

Easy to reproduce

Every step you take in identifying non-financial sources is fully reproducible. If you archive an item because it is not relevant to your organization, you get the opportunity to add an explanation. This way you afterwards still have insight into the decisions that were made.

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