Ruler teams up with Hyfen to boost international scaling

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Hyfen for the further development of our compliance software. This collaboration marks an important milestone in our journey towards international scaling, as we leverage Hyfen’s expertise in compliant cloud infrastructure and their commitment to developing robust and secure software solutions. With this collaboration, we are poised to boost our growth and establish a strong presence in the EU RegTech market.

Focus on security and development

Ruler’s core mission is to simplify compliance through digitalization. Our software empowers organizations by offering a comprehensive overview of relevant legislation and enabling them to manage the entire compliance cycle efficiently. As the market leader in the Netherlands, Ruler has already supported 150 different financial institutions in achieving structured, transparent, and effortless compliance. Why stop here?

Ronald van Dijk, co-founder of Ruler: “To truly simplify the compliance process, we aim to make our software as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Hyfen’s expertise in compliant cloud infrastructure and their track record in developing accessible software solutions perfectly aligns with our vision.”

Van Dijk emphasizes Ruler’s commitment to security, stating: “Security is of paramount importance to us. Hyfen’s expertise in compliant cloud infrastructure ensures that Ruler can seamlessly adapt to different regulatory frameworks, data protection requirements, and industry-specific compliance standards across various countries.”

“We are honored to collaborate with Ruler and support their international scaling efforts,” says Hidde Terpoorten, CEO of Hyfen. “At Hyfen, we are committed to providing secure and compliant cloud infrastructure tailored to the unique needs of the fintech industry. By ensuring Ruler’s fintech application remains compliant, secure, and highly available in international markets, we will unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and set new standards for the fintech ecosystem.”

Continued development: Regulatory Change module

As part of this partnership, Hyfen will contribute to the development of new features within Ruler. Hyfen will deliver the first new module in the second half of 2023, the ‘Regulatory Change module’. Designed to benefit all European financial organizations, this module helps to efficiently capture, assess, and implement new regulations within the EU regulatory landscape. Instead of going through the process manually, this module allows Ruler users to digitally determine the relevance of new legislation, conduct gap analyses, define implementation actions, and monitor progress. With this module, Ruler’s users can confidently navigate the complex regulatory environment, saving valuable time and resources while maintaining compliance excellence.

Together, Ruler and Hyfen are poised to make significant strides in the field of compliance software, ensuring seamless scaling, enhanced security, and continued innovation.

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