Integration of artificial intelligence (AI)

Ruler's smart technology allows the editorial team to process dozens of changes in laws and regulations per day. And this technology is becoming even more intelligent. From now on, thanks to the integration of a new AI model, the summaries of legal documents in Ruler will be generated automatically. In the future, this optimization will also be implemented in the 'other laws' and regulations’ module, where summaries will be provided on the alerts page.


Further simplification of the design

Now that Ruler is already being used by over a thousand professionals to make compliance easier, we are receiving more and more feedback on the current design and its possibilities. The Ruler editorial team also remains alert to optimization opportunities. For example by reducing the number of clicks or creating logical connections in the software. We have summarized all this feedback and implemented it in a new design. In the second half of 2022 we will start adding these new features to Ruler one by one. The first step: the introduction of the navigation column and the renewed inbox. Of course, we will keep our users informed of the changes via the release notes and a webinar.


Regulatory Change

Setting up a correct and efficient regulatory change process remains challenging. Immediately after the publication of a level 1 text, you want to know which articles are relevant, what impact they have and which 'gaps' occur. In order to close the identified gaps, it is important to set up an action plan. Subsequently, as soon as the level 2 text is published, you compare it to the level 1 text to identify the differences. This is a complicated process, which we have been wanting to automate for some time. The first elaboration sessions have taken place and the first prototype of our regulatory change module has been developed. The first few rounds of testing have also already taken place. After the summer of 2022, we expect to have completed the entire prototype and will start implementing it. In 2023, the regulatory change solution will also be available to you as a customer.


New dashboards

Ruler already has a general dashboard where you can add various widgets. This allows you to see at a glance how compliant the organization is, which tasks are still to be executed and how many new items your inbox entails. We often get asked whether the dashboard can be extended even further. Therefore, we will explore the options for new dashboards together with our user board at the end of 2022. After the workshop with our users, we will further develop the desired features so that the new dashboards can be implemented in 2023.


Wisdom of the crowd

Two heads are better than one. That is why we aim to enable clients to benefit optimally from each other's knowledge through Ruler. Think about rating content in Ruler, contributing content and adding a social discussion element to build the Ruler Community. A platform for knowledge sharing, discussion and best practices.