Controlling the compliance cycle, Chatbot and other laws

A new version of Ruler was introduced at the beginning of 2020. Thanks to all kinds of new features, it is possible to control the entire compliance cycle with Ruler. Ruler not only helps you stay abreast of new developments, but also makes it easy to see how you're meeting the set standards. In addition, we introduced the Ruler chatbot. The chatbot answers questions about using Ruler and provides a QuickStart feature for new Ruler users. The chatbot also helps you with legal questions. Can't the chatbot help you out? Then it will help you contact one of our consultants. Since 2020 it is also possible to keep track of non-financial laws and regulations. These include the Occupational Health and Safety Act, tax laws and regulations and, for example, the Civil Code.

Q1 2021

Expansion of the dashboard

We are continuously working on making Ruler even more intuitive and user-friendly. To optimize the user experience, we expanded the Ruler dashboard in early 2021.

Q1 2021

English version of Ruler

Ruler is, besides Dutch, also available in English since the beginning of 2021. For translations into English, Ruler uses the AI system of DeepL. It is important to note that customer-specific information is not translated by DeepL. DeepL only translates information that Ruler offers.


Further development of Ruler

It is possible to keep track of your organization's level of compliance in Ruler by using the compliance module. To make analyzing and documenting whether (and to what extent) your organization is compliant even easier, we are going to further optimize this module. At the same time, the planning module will be updated. Finally, we want to make it possible to export a report from Ruler for a direct compliance overview.


Intuitive and smart

Ruler is intuitive, smart and interactive. Ruler should be easy to use and should continue to make daily compliance work easier and more enjoyable. To make this happen, we continue to look at our customers' needs. For example, in 2021 we will optimize the search function, try to further reduce the number of clicks and try to generate standard branch sets.


Digital assistant

In 2020, we launched the chatbot. The goal of the chatbot is to act as your digital assistant and make using Ruler even easier. In addition to helping you use Ruler (through the QuickStart feature, for example), the chatbot will get smarter and smarter, and also help you solve compliance issues. Think of a checklist that helps you identify the UBO of your organization, or a checklist that helps you determine whether you comply with the updated AFM Guideline Wwft. The chatbot will also proactively point out possible developments that are of interest to you, and make smart suggestions based on your profile in Ruler.


Integration with other systems

We believe in collaboration. That's why we want to integrate Ruler with other applications and systems wherever possible, so that all the information can be found in one place. By initiating collaborations with external partners, Ruler will further develop into the online compliance platform for and by financial professionals.


Wisdom of the crowd

Together we know more than alone. That's why we're going to look at how clients can strengthen each other and benefit optimally from each other's knowledge through Ruler. Think about rating content in Ruler, contributing content and adding a social discussion element to build the Ruler Community. A platform for knowledge sharing, discussion and best practices.